Story of our love for this island, its nature and tradition

The story of our way of life is the story of our love for this island, its nature and tradition.

This love drives us to create local products, respectful of tradition and high in quality.

We are the Tomas family from Milna on the island of Brač. Milnarski is a way of life, a way for us to express our passion for life and our love of nature.


At our family farms we produce authentic local products of the highest quality, mainly for our family and friends. We farm sheep, cultivate old olive groves and vineyards, grow citrus fruit and wild plants.


Because we love what we do and we are proud of being able to create these products that blend nature and tradition, we have now opened the doors of our family home in Milna, where we can share them with our guests. Here you can taste our wines, liqueurs, olive oils and traditional sweets.


Over the years we’ve been showing our friends all the beauty and charm of our island. The demand for this has naturally grown into a small business where we take you, our guests, on day tours across the island. As part of these tours we also love to share with you our homemade products.


Join us on this adventure and have the best memories of your vacation.

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