Finest quality olive oil

Our old olive grove is home to the modern olive mill facility for production of several types of finest quality olive oil.

Our family has been harvesting olives and producing olive oil for many years. We cultivate ancient family trees as well as new saplings.

After many years of processing oil in outside facilities, in 2016 we have acquired our own, top technology mill, in order to ensure control and high-quality production of olive oil.

Our facility is equipped with Alfa Laval centrifuge system for cold olive oil extraction, which can process 1,2 ton of olives per hour.


We produce 3 types of oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend, Mastrinka (varietal) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as Traditional Olive Oil, milder in taste and produced in the “old way” by soaking the olives in salty water for some days before extraction.


All of our oils can be tasted and purchased at the Brižak Konoba or during one of our tours.

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